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INXS & Doors Tribute Show

 Doors & INXS Cover and Tribute Band Melbourne

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doXS | INXS Cover Band Melbourne

Doors & INXS Cover and Tribute Band Melbourne




Original Sin





This Time

Devil Inside    

Kiss The Dirt


Elegantly Wasted

March 30 1991            By My Side

March 31 1988            New Sensation

April 25 2006               Afterglow (Andrew Harris - Desmond Child)

July 13 1991               Bitter Tear

July 18 1968               Good times (Easybeats - then JB and INXS) Do with Jimmy Barnes or Paul Norton - MH in black - Do this Basement in

July 26 1984               Burn For You

August 8 - 1988          Never Tear Us Apart

Baby Dont Cry

Need You Tonight

Just Keep Walking

Listen Like Thieves

What You Need

Pretty Vegas



doXS - Worlds first INXS and Doors tribute show, paying homage to two of the worlds most popular & successful bands, INXS and DOORS!


The show covers songs spanning all 4 decades. From the Doors introduction to the world in the late 60s to the Aussie icons debut self titled INXS, through to Shabooh Shoobah, The Swing, Listen Like Thieves, KICK, X, and Elegantly Wasted albums.


doXS have members who have played in the Australian scene for over 10 years and have established themselves as authentic, honourable representation of the the Doors and INXS.


Classic songs like Break On Through, Roadhouse Blues, LA Woman, Touch me, Never Tear Us Apart, Don’t Change, What You Need, Kiss The Dirt, Just Keep Walking, New Sensation, Need You Tonight, Original Sin, I Send A Message & Burn For You, along with a plethora of other classic Doors and INXS tunes.


With outstanding production, you can be sure all your Doors and INXS senses will be truly stimulated.


“Both Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence were huge influences in my teenage years. Inspirations to sing and perform. An honour to share these greats passion and music” – Dr. Jim (Lead Vocalist)


Whether it’s a club, pub, corporate event or private function, doXS can provide an unsurpassed combined doors and INXS experience!