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doXS (from Greek)




Original Sin





This Time

Devil Inside    

Kiss The Dirt


Elegantly Wasted

March 30 1991            By My Side

March 31 1988            New Sensation

April 25 2006               Afterglow (Andrew Harris - Desmond Child)

July 13 1991               Bitter Tear

July 18 1968               Good times (Easybeats - then JB and INXS) Do with Jimmy Barnes or Paul Norton - MH in black - Do this Basement in

July 26 1984               Burn For You

August 8 - 1988          Never Tear Us Apart

Baby Dont Cry

Need You Tonight

Just Keep Walking

Listen Like Thieves

What You Need

Pretty Vegas



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Sneek Preview of doXS

noun. pronounced 'docs'


doXS is plural for doctors, doctor meaning to teach, from the greek word, 'Διδάκτωρ'. doXS is then the journey of multiple teachings from many sources including from the universal language of music. Also short for doxa or doxsa = to give yourself permission to knowing and accepting ones self (γνῶθι σεαυτὸν) to be all worthy and glorious, as well as others.


By seeing the oneness (ἕνωσις), we overview both sides, the duality (Apollonian and Dionysian duality) and see the hidden blessing of the polarised side, in all experiences/people and not just tolerate or stay polarised to one side of emotional thoughts/feelings.


verb. pronounced 'do excess'


doXS, to "do excess", is the joy of being and/or do something that you truly value and are passionately inspired about (ενθουσιασμός) in abundance and with hard work (grit) and gratitude (ευχαριστία).


doXS (pronounced 'docs' or 'do - eXeS') is the teachings (from greek, 'Διδάκτωρ'), that provides the permission to know and accept (two sides) ones self (γνῶθι σεαυτὸν), as well the joy of being &/or doing that you truly value and are inspired about (ενθουσιασμός), with appreciation and gratitude (ευχαριστία).


teaches us (from greek, 'Διδάκτωρ') permission to be all, the one and the many -  worthy and authentic (δόξα), by knowing and accepting the two sides of ones self (γνῶθι σεαυτὸν), with the guidance of XS, 'in joy' (ενθουσιασμός), the spiritual life force or energy that equips us (καταρτισμός) of the hidden blessings, gratititude (εὐχαριστία) and inspirations of our authenticity and two sides.


doXS, teaches (from Greek) glory and peace in the mind, of the adjustments we face by giving yourself permission, to 'do' and be authentic, to your highest values


Knowing, accepting (unmask) and synthesising/unifying the two sides of your self, in the presence of 'XS', the spiritual universal life energy that equips us to see the hidden blessings, gratititude & inspirations of our authenticity & two sides.


doXS, teaches the balance of the mind,

by giving yourself permission, to 'do' and be authentic, & synchronously love, accept and neutralise your 'XS', the polarised - complimentary opposite (two) sides of yourself and see its hidden blessings. - Dr. Jim