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Merry Christmas INXS Lyrics

Merry Christmas INXS Lyrics


If you're at home, Merry Christmas

If you're far, far away, Merry Christmas

If you're out on the street, still standing on your feet

Merry Christmas, ah ha, ha


Another year has gone, Happy New Year

If you have to be alone, Happy New Year

So wrap your laughing gear around a bottle of beer

Happy New Year, ah ha, ha


Resolutions to be made, Happy New Year

Love your family and your friends, Happy New Year

From Jon, Mike, and Kirk

Andrew, Garry, and Tim, Happy Christmas, ah ha, ha


Happy new year, ah ha, ha

Happy new year, all of you

Merry Christmas (Merry Christmas)

Have a merry christmas

Merry Christmas

Happy new year

Happy new year, whoo! whee-hoo!

Merry Christmas